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Freshwater, tropical and marine fish and reptile needs in one location.

Open 7 days (See bottom of page for opening times)
509 Lake Road Argenton, Newcastle
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Freshwater Aquariums


Specialising in tropical fish as well as cold water aquarium fish, goldfish, aquarium plants and accessories.

Marine Aquariums


Specialising in saltwater marine aquarium fish, invertebrates, corals, filters, chillers etc

Reptile Vivariums


Specialising in reptile supplies including vivariums also accessories and food to keep lizards, snakes,
turtles as well as frogs, spiders and scorpions.

CROSSROADS AQUARIUM is now opening 7 days a week.  Call in to our store and see our range of Discus and other freshwater fish. We also carry marine fish and corals.

Tropical, freshwater and marine fish & aquaria Supplies

CROSSROADS AQUARIUM in Argenton, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, commenced trading in 1991. Our goal was and still is to provide great service, advice and products to anyone who is interested in keeping aquaria.

We specialize in freshwater tropical, marine (saltwater) fish and cold water fish and have over 120 tanks of fish to choose from. We have one of the largest range of new aquarium set-ups to select from, including traditional rectangular aquariums, great looking furniture cabinets and popular curved glass fronted tanks. We also carry the largest range of saltwater aquarium setups in Newcastle. Our large showroom at the rear of our carpark is always full of setups on display. Whatever your preference we have something for everyone’s taste.

We now offer a large range of marine species of fish as well as corals and all the aquarium equipment to keep salt water creatures.

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Reptile Supplies

We carry a wide range of food for reptiles such as pellets, live crickets, mealworms and frozen rats, mice and quail.

Do you need help with your lizard tank, snake tank or frog tank? …Crossroads Reptile can help.

We stock a complete range of reptile enclosures from small to large plus all accessories such lighting, heat mats, heat rocks, pumps, waterfalls, foggers, water dishes,  plastic plants, vines, thermostats etc etc etc.

As passionate reptile keepers ourselves we are very excited to be able to offer this range of quality reptile supplies at great prices. Our aim is to supply reptile hobbyists with all the equipment and advice they need to keep their pet reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates healthy and happy.

 Please be aware that all Australian native reptiles are protected and you need a licence to keep any in captivity. It is illegal to keep exotic (non-Australian) reptiles in captivity.

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