Open 6 days (Closed MONDAY)
509 Lake Road Argenton
Phone: 4950 8646

Specialising in tropical fish as well as cold water aquarium fish, goldfish, aquarium plants and accessories.


Open 6 days (Closed MONDAY)
509 Lake Road Argenton
Phone: 4950 8646

Specialising in saltwater marine aquarium fish, invertebrates, corals, filters, chillers etc


Open 6 days (Closed MONDAY)
509 Lake Road Argenton
Phone: 4950 8646

Specialising in reptile supplies including vivariums also accessories and food to keep lizards, snakes,
turtles as well as frogs, spiders
and scorpions.

Crossroads Aquarium & Crossroads Reptile  
Supplies all your fish and reptile
needs all in one location.



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Tropical, freshwater and marine
fish & aquaria Supplies

CROSSROADS AQUARIUM in Argenton, Newcastle, commenced trading in 1991. Our goal was and still is to provide great service, advice and products to anyone who is interested in keeping aquaria.

We specialize in freshwater tropical, marine(saltwater) fish and cold water fish and have over 120 tanks of fish to choose from. We also have one of the largest range of new aquarium set-ups to select from. Traditional rectangular aquariums on great looking furniture cabinets or the more "modern" curved glass fronted tanks. Whatever your preference we have something for everyone's taste.

We now offer a large range of marine species of fish as well as corals and all the aquarium equipment to keep salt water creatures.

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We are more than happy to send certain items out to you at your request as long as they are small enough to freight out. Large items can only be picked up at our store. Items will be sent by Fastway couriers. We can not send to P.O Boxes.

If you wish to purchase an item please contact us at the shop you can pay by credit card over the phone.



Crossroads Freshwater QUICK FIND MENU

Crossroads Freshwater

Freshwater Aquariums

Aquarium Lighting

Aquarium Filters

Aquarium Heaters

Aquarium Accessories

Tank Decorations

Ponds - Pumps, Filters, Clarifiers

Freshwater Fish Food

Tropical Fish


Crossroads Marine QUICK FIND MENU

Crossroads Marine

Marine Aquariums

Marine Aquarium Protein Skimmers

Marine Aquarium Calcium Reactors

Marine Aquarium Reverse Osmosis

Marine Aquarium Water Pumps

Marine Aquarium Lighting

Marine Aquarium Heating

Marine Aquarium Sea Salt

Marine Aquarium Water Conditioners

Marine Aquarium Fish Food

Marine Aquarium Accessories

Marine Fish






Reptile Supplies


Do you need a lizard tank, snake tank or frog tank ...Crossroads Reptile can help.

Terrarium - Reptile Tanks
We supply high quality terrariums and reptile tanks which make the perfect environment for all your exotic pets like lizards, snakes, frogs, spiders, etc.

We have a range of terrariums / vivariums to suit every requirement. Large terrariums also have matching cabinets, making it a real feature in any room.

We also stock a complete range of accessories such as pumps, waterfalls, foggers, heat rocks, water dishes, etc.

As passionate reptile keepers ourselves we are very excited to be able to offer this range of quality reptile supplies at great prices. Our aim is to supply reptile hobbyists with all the equipment and advice they need to keep their pet reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates health and happy.

Crossroads Reptile Supplies offer a thorough knowledge of husbandry, breeding and the medical aspects of these animals.


Please be aware that all Australian native reptiles are protected and you need a licence to keep any in captivity. It is illegal to keep exotic (non-Australian) reptiles in captivity.


Please visit us to see our range of:

  • Vivariums
  • Vivarium Lighting
  • Vivarium Heating
  • Vivarium Stands
  • Turtle Tanks
  • Reptile / Amphibian Food
  • Reptile Food

Crossroads Reptile QUICK FIND MENU

Reptile Terrariums

Reptile Terrarium Heating

Reptile Feeding Dishes

Reptile Terrarium Lighting

Reptile Terrarium Filters

Reptile Terrarium Waterfalls

Reptile Terrarium Backgrounds

Reptile Terrarium Screens

Reptile Terrarium Substrates

Reptile Terrarium Accessories

Reptile Terrarium Pumps

Reptile Terrarium Docks and Cliffs

Reptile Terrarium Enclosure Decoration